India is not only diversified with languages, culture, religion but also with cuisines. Many cuisines are native to Indian subcontinent and some are from different countries. Each region has its special cuisine. This variety has been come from every kitchen of the house to that region’s speciality.  It is said that every woman in India have special bond with their spices box (Masala ki Dabbi).

                                                                       10 Cities 10 special Dishes

Vast variety of cuisine is one of the reasons which attracts tourists. Not only Indians but also many foreign travellers are very much attentive and curious  about the variety of cuisines.


Vada Pav is the famous dish in Mumbai, this is also the common man’s food in Mumbai. Indian burger with peanut chutney and green chillies. VadaPav is available anywhere and anytime in Mumbai.


Chat,Parathas,Samosas Kachori are famous dishes  in Delhi .During your visit to Delhi don’t miss to visit Parathewali Galli, you can get variety of Parathas dipped in butter.


Idly Sambar is the heart of South India’s cuisine especially Chennai. Steamed cakes made urad dal and rice batter served with coconut chutney and dal sambhar and ghee on the top. You will get idly sambar anywhere in South India there are many thelas , popular hotels serving this delicious food. Also South India places like Madurai are famous for Idly


When it comes to Hyderabad, The famous Hyderabadi Biryani touches the soul of Tourists. Paradise, Barwarchi, Pista House serves the signature dish of Hyderabad. Also many local restaurant serves Biryani.

Also don’t miss to taste Dosa and  Special Irani Chai  with Karachi Biscuits.


Kolkata cuisine equals to Puchka (Bengli panipuri), Rasogulla(sweet) ,Kathi Rolls,Moong Dal pakode.


Amritsari Kulche is the first choice of the visitors. Don’t miss the Langar food and Kada Prasad in Gurudwara. Makke di Roti ,Sarso da Saag is also preferred. There are easily available Dhabas who serves perfect Punjabi food.


Bangalore refers to lot of variety of south Indian  cuisine ,one of the famous is Benne(Butter) Dosa with chutney and sambar,Vada Sambar,Tatte Idli(Fat Idly),Akki roti.


Litti Choka is the famous &  traditional dish of Patna (Bihar), this dish consists of litti made of wheat flour and roasted on live fire which gives authentic taste and chokha is made of brinjal. Along with Sattu ka paratha and Kesar Peda are some of the famous dishes of Patna.


When it come to Indore, Poha Jalebi combination is must to taste dish.Poha  is the wet puffed riced sauté in oil  and jalebi is the sweet dish  fried batter and dip in sugar syrup


When it comes to Gujrati cuisine Dhokla is all time famous snack of people here, it is made of gram floor ,and steamed food .Also Fafda ,Handva,Jalebi are famous here.

Dont forget to try Gujrati Thali…….

Only 10 Cities and 10 dishes does not make justice to Indian vast Cuisine.

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Also Journey of travelling from local state bus to tasting bhajjis from a roadside Thelas is very enjoyable.

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