Longing for cool Breeze to gush past your stressed face? 

Araku is your Answer!

Located on the crown of Ananthagiri hills, Araku is a pleasant hill station amidst the amazingly Thick Eastern Ghats.

But Why Araku?


Budget-friendly..(after all it’s the money that decides..)

Apart from its scenic beauty, This place has much more!

Like the Greeny Coffee plantations, it’s best known for.

Waterfalls, Caves, calming sites to see, Plantations, Museums and what not because it has got everything a perfect hill valley ever needs.

Come on let’s go check it out!

Araku….Where are You…?

Hmm…reaching Araku isn’t as hard as it may seem.

Let me Tumbledown to the Most expensive by air means to the Biker-friendly Roadways.

No matter which medium you choose, Visakhapatnam is the Checkpoint to reach Araku.

By Air; The Visakhapatnam airport is nearest one and has connecting flights to metro cities of India, which at Non- Season times are pretty Cheap and pocket friendly.

By Rail; There are trains from  Visakhapatnam that comfortably drop you in the valley. Vistadome/Glass Train is the special one .

By Road; It’s just 125Kms from Vizag so Buses do come in handy for an unplanned trip or window seat sightseeing.

Places to Indulge in!

As we know there’s a lot to do in Araku. So, Let’s see what are its most Popular must-visit places.

1.Katiki, Dhumriguda and Chaparai waterfalls

Its delight to Waterfalls lovers with its Narrow and steep hills with Glass clear water flushing out in blissful falls is a must.

It is a good destination to walk and trot the beauty of the forests.

You have got Resorts to chill in as well.

Chaparai or Dhumriguda falls is a go-to spot at the weekends for its frequent appearance in Telugu films.

2.Borra Caves

The Borra Caves Widely called Borra Guhalu is a limestone structure that constitutes a part of this valley.

It is one of the deepest Caves known in India.

It inhibits many legends in it, go check out which one sounds more reliable for yourself.

3.Coffee Plantations

Ahm…How can someone resist visiting these plantations when the Coffee aroma is an integral part of the Araku air..?

If you are an Organic Coffee freak then go have a cup of coffee made from Exotic Arabica Variety Seeds.

Did you know that Araku was one of the first places in India to Produce organic Coffee Seeds..?

4.Galikonda View Point

Here’s a deal.. You can catch the sight of the Ananthgiri Mountains from where you stand!

It’s the Galikonda Viewpoint also the the point with scenic Hills,valleys and small tribal villages situated.

The Chilly weather is at its Peak at this famous Highway Spot.

5.Coffee Museum

This museum does not only educate you about the origins and history of Coffee plantations with its trained Tribal staff but also displays the wide-ranging varieties of coffee seeds.

Bored of Coffee..? No problem, This museum has an array of handmade Chocolates as well.

This serves as a great picnic spot.

6.Tribal Museum

One of the Best tourist Attractions in Araku.

A  Place is Fully understood only with its people in it. This Museum showcases the Pride Of the Araku tribe and their culture. It’s Educational, Enlightening and fun to visit.

7.Padmapuram Gardens

We have a place for biologists as well! Because it’s no ordinary garden but a Botanical Garden.

A Well-Decorated Garden with a super cool Environment is where you are heading next,

In there dwells a few rare spices of flowers and guess what I, its not that far from the Railway Station.

When Is Araku at its Best?

From the very end of February through September, Araku is an undeniable Feast for Eyes and Mind.

The winter beautifully cascades this Hill station to time-bound heaven!

How long to stay in Araku?

The Answer is always up to your needs and intentions. But, if you are a Quick Tourist then 2 days are Sufficient to catch Araku’s essence but If you like Idle stays then you can prefer staying here for a minimum of 1 week to 1month as you feel.

Trust me, you’ll never be bored of this Place!

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