Bidar………The Heritage City

A cultural and heritage city in Karnataka State of India which replicates the Bahmanid Dynasty. Bidar Fort, Papnash Temple, Gurudwara, Nanakzhira, Jhira Narshimha, Chaubara, Baridshahi Garden,Sola Khamba Mosque are  some of the major attractions here.

 Bidar is offbeat destination to the Hyderabad people to relax from the hustle of the city.  Also Bidar is just 150km from Hyderabad, it takes 2.30 hrs from Hyderabad.

How to Reach ? 

Bidar is well connected with air, road, rail routes. Airport is jus 5km, railway station is jus 1km and bus stand is just 2km from city centre.

  By Air:

Bidar Airport is new airport in this city which operates flights between Bidar and  Bangalore. And airport is just  5 km from city centre.

By Train:

Bidar Railway station is just 1km from city centre. There are many connecting trains from many metro cities like  Hyderabad,Bangalore,Mumbai,Pune

By Road:

Bidar is connected with national highways & just 150km from Hyderabad.You can hire a cab from Hyderabad or take a bus from Hyderabad. Buses operates every 15 min from Hyderabad. Also Bidar is well connected by road with Bangalore,Pune Mumbai….

Duration in Bidar:

Minimum of 1 day with planned iternary is fine to visit Bidar, and if you want to explore as liesure 2-3 days is perfectly ok to enjoy and explore.

Places to Visit in Bidar:

Bidar is filled with   historic and cultural package. You can hire a cab near bus stand, or there are many city buses which operates between all the tourist places or you can hire auto.

1.Papnash Temple:

This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. This temple is just 5km from city centre and easily accessible from city, one can take Auto from any part of city. Especially temple is crowded during Maha Shivratri.  

2.Gurudwara and Nanak Zhira Sahab:

Gurudwara is dedicated to Guru Nanak Devji (first Sikh Guru). Darbar Sahib, Diwan Hall, Langar Hall comprises Gurudwara. Guru Granth Sahib is placed in sukhasan room.

There is spring on the side of gurudwara of which water is collected in Amrit Kund.It is said that a holy dip is enough to rid from all Sin and cleanse your body and soul. Devotees feel enchanted and peaceful in this environment .

3.Zhira Narshima Temple:

This temple is dedicated to Lord Narshima Swamy. To reach the deity devotees must pass through the cave filled with the streaming water. Devotees have to walk for 300m in the water which is about 3 feet from ground level. Although thousands of devotees visit temple to get spiritual aura and peace of mind.

This temple is 10km from city, you can take auto or city buses are also available .

4.Barid Shahi Garden:

This is small garden just 5min from bus stand, you can feel relieved by greenery and statues explaining the rural farmers life. Children may enjoy Horse ride outside the park.

5.Bidar Fort:

The most eventful site in Bidar which replicates the architecture of Bahmani Dynasty and was built by Sultan Alla-Ud-Bin Bahman is just 2km from city centre. The fort comprises of Takth Mahal, Rangin Mahal, Gagan Mahal.This fort is spread in 10km with strong walls around. You can spend 2-3hrs easily to explore the fort. This fort is witness for all sultanates from Bahman to Mughals.

Many Kannada films and some Hindi films have done shoot of scenes in this royal property.

6. Chaubara:

A 22m highted old tower situated in the heart of the city used to view the region from the tower.

7.Bahamani Tombs:

The 12 tomb cluster is known as Bahmani Tombs. Paintings on the tomb are astonishing and fascinating .

8.Solah Khamba Mosque:

This Mosque is erected on 16 pillars hence named as Solah Khamba Mosque. This mosque displays beautiful   architecture in the form of arch ,domes,pillars.


This monument is located 4 km from Bidar ,built in the honour of Hazart Khalil Ullah the spiritual advisor of Sultan.

10.Shri Mailar Khandoba Temple:

This temple isdedicated to god Khandoba a form of Shiva, located just 15 km from Bidar .It is also called Sir Mailari Mallana Temple.There will be  jatra  in March where lakhs of devotees visit the temple.

11.Hanuman Temple Chalkapur:

The famous Hanuman temple just 30km from Bidar in Chalkapur village where the diety Lord Hanuman is worshipped by lakhs of pilgrims especially on Deepawali and Chaitra Poornima Jatra is held where the Idol of deity Hanuman is taken and make parikrama. Diety of lord hanuman shows 3 roopas(forms) in a day  that is in the morning as small child ,afternoon as young one and evening as grown man.

Nearby to Hanuman temple there is Atmaram Maharaj temple and 2km away from village there is small hilltop where goddess Chalkadevi temple is situated.

Also, Chalkapur is a birth place of Shri Siddharoodhaswamiji.

12.Karanja Dam:

This dam is built on the River Karanja, a tributary of Manjira River at Halhalli just 20km from Bidar.

13.Shri Vinayaka Temple Rejintal:

This is Sawambhu Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy,it is said that deity of Lord Vinayaka is more than 200 years and continuously growing in dimension.It is said that all the desires of devotees are fulfilled .

14.Honnikeri Reserve Forest:

This reserve is 20 km from Bidar,famous for blac buck spotting, Black Buck resort is one of the lodging and stay managed by Karnataka Government is good place to visit this reserve.

Best Time to Visit:

Best time to visit Bidar is between January to March as weather will be cool as summers are usually hot here.

Things to Buy in Bidar:

Bidar is famous for its Bidriware in India as well as Abroad. PaanDan, Trays Plates, Hookahs are made of iconic Bidriware .You can get this beautiful art crafted items in Gandhigunj,Mohan,Chaubara Markets in Bidar.

 Nearby places to Visit:   

Hyderabad, Ananthgiri Hills, Gulbarga

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