“When in doubt pack your bags n switch on traveling mode”

They say easiest way to escape is spread wings & fly. Life these days is so busy with hectic routine, jobs, commitments. Finding time out of routine is not much easy. People getting emotionally unstable day by day due to stress. Traveling is meditation. Exploring new places with new experience is all the therapy you need. The refresh button of stressful life is to travel. Whenever I find time, I prefer travelling and exploring new places.

Exploring places knowing people is timely feed to curious brain who always want some more.

Travelling solo may be good option but travelling & exploring places with Family is best option.

Family Vaccation

We 90s kids know about family vacations even better vacations with uncle-aunts and their families. It was lots of fun sharing homemade food, having kachha mango, icecreams ,phallis ,thepalas and many more. Homemade snacks n food would be compulsory part of journey but times changed and so are things, fancy luxuary packages, readymade bookings hotel check-ins restaurants pick n drop cabs. Occupying window seat was like a competition. Playing games, cards, antakshari, damsharas in train were the entertainment as well as the fantasies during that time. 

 But now a days in this digital and nuclear family era and also due to busy lifestyle, family members don’t have time for themselves and also very less communication within.  To reduce this communication gap between, at least once in a year all should plan for family vacation for better bonding in relationship and lots of unforgettable memories. Travelling with a family may be in a flight, car, train or state bus is memorable, sharing hotel rooms, spending time together, exchanging of thoughts, sightseeing, enjoying scenic nature, spending hours together in tea estates, playing water games at beaches, cycling in ghats, visiting temples and lots more you may definitely  feel happy & joyful , spend time with each other is like a destress therapy.

I remember my first family trip was when I was in 6 th class, Saputara a hill station in ‎Gujarat. This was my first family vacation that to with no mobile, no GPS roadside shops were our live GPS,no DSLR , we have one 2 to 3 snapshots that to with instant camera by the photographer who after bargaining gave that pictures for 20 bucks each. I don’t remember much but during that days we had only craze of traveling, enjoying with siblings. We were crazy about mountains,ghatroads,boating.

Saputara -The Heaven

Now a days travelling and planning vacations has become easier, we have online reservations of buses, hotels with complementary lunch and dinner, sightseeing.We have google maps for routes. If you want hassle free vacation many companies offer packages based on your budget.

But planning completely by ourselves, making reservations, backpacking gives different zeal.

So pack your bags and get ready for a vacation………………………..family vacation……………

Traveling is meditation


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We are passionate about exploring new places. As travel lover ,exploring new places ,new culture, cuisines and their lifestyles in different region of India.
Also Journey of travelling from local state bus to tasting bhajjis from a roadside Thelas is very enjoyable.

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