Nashik……Witness of Epic Ramayana

Nashik is the city situated on banks of river Godavari and is witness of epic Ramayana, where Lord Ram, Sita & Laxman have spent lot of time during exile (Vanvas  i.e stay in forest for defined time span).This city is named as Nashik, as Laxman has cut the nose of Shrupanaka(Sister of Ravan).The most popular Hindu event which is famous in Nashik is Kumbh Mela held every 12 Years.

Nashik witness of epic Ramayana

      Another popular thing in Nashik is Wine. Nashik is also called “The Wine Capital of India”. Sula Vineyard is the largest and famous Vineyards in India. Nashik is host to wine festivals like Sula Fest & India Grape harvest. 

Most important Nashik is incomplete without Nashik Special Missal & Batata Vada

How to Reach? 

Nashik is well connected by all modes of Transport. Nashik is near to Mumbai and Pune & well connected by national highways.

By Air:

Nearest airport to Nashik is Nashik Airport located at Ozhar 20Km from city center. One can book a cab and reach Nashik. This is a domestic airport very well connected to popular cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi.

By Train:

Nearest railway station is Nashik Road Railway Station which is 8km from city center and well connected with cities like Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bhopal ,Aurangabad Indore. Also, Manmad   Junction is 45Km away from Nashik which is also connected with popular cities of India.

By Road:

Nashik is also well connected with National Highways. Nashik connects with Pune, Igatpuri Aurangabad & Mumbai with NH. MSRTC have buses running between the cities. Also private travel agencies also runs buses. Mumbai Agra highway passes from Nashik. Mumbai Nashik is easily accessible in 3hours.

You may also enjoy driving vehicles by own or hire a cab.

Places to Visit :

During your visit to Nashik one can hire Auto, it is easily accessible and all the places lies between 10km radius.


Panchvati is the place in Nashik just 2 km from city centre, according to epic Ramayana the most of the time is spent by lord Rama during exile.

2.KalaRam Temple :

This is the old and very famous temple in Panchvati  built during Madhavrao Peshwa era  by Sardar Odhekar. The statues are black in colour hence named Kalaram. Lord Ram,Laxshman & Sita  statues are present in the Temple. This temple has 14 steps to shrine which replicates 14 years of exile of Lord Rama. 

3. Sita Gufa:

This is also situated in Panchvati, residence place of Sita during during exile.

4. Tapovan:

The place near to Godavari river once upon a time was dense holy forest Dandakarayanya .This is the place where Lord Lakshman met &  cut the nose of Shrupanaka(Sister of Ravan).Also the place of river Godavari & Kapila  Sangam.

5. Godavari Ghat:

The ghat is located in city center this is the Scared holy place of Hindus.

6.Navshya Ganpati:

This temple of Lord Ganesh is located 5km from city, it is said that  all the wishes full fill here once you visit the temple.

7.Pandav Leni:

These are the Caves located 10km from city center are one of the famous tourist attractions.

8. Ram Kund:

Located 2km from bus stand is the holiest place in Nashik, especially during Kumbh mela lakhs of people comes and takes bath in this holy tank. It is said all sins are washed once you take a holy dip in this water

9.Sula Vineyards:

As Nashik is Wine capital of India. The famous Sula vineyards is must visit place during Nashik visit. See wine making and taste the famous  wine here.

 Best Time to Visit:

Best time to visit Nasik is between October to March. As summers are very hot here. If you are Nature lover you can visit between July -August.

Duration To Visit:

1 -2 days of planned itinerary is good to visit local Nashik. And you need 2-3 days to visit places around Nashik.

Things to Do and Buy:

1.Take holy bath in Ramkund. Thousands of pilgrims visit here and take a bath in RamKund to get rid of their sins.

2. Be the part of Kumbh Mela which is held every 12 years.

3. Don’t forget to buy Nashik Chivda and Bhel.

4.Taste the wine from Sula Vineyards.

5.Buy Raisins, they are very tasty .

6.Do taste Nashik Special Missal at Sadhna Chuliwarchi Missal, Sabudana Wada at Sayantara Hotel, Double VadaPav.

Nearby Places to Visit:

Trimbakeshwar, Saptshrungi , Saputara, Shirdi ,Igatpuri, Mumbai

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