Things to Do & Buy in Mysore India,

Things to do in Mysore

Mysore -Sandalwood City , not only witness the culture, heritage, royalty but also, we can experience splendid Tonga ride  and  also fill our tummy with the authentic South Indian Cuisine, we must try mouth-watering dishes from spicy to sweet

1.Mysore Bonda:

Name itself says that this dish is famous of Mysore, Bondas are the fried balls made of flour batter and curd and served with Chutney and Sambar

2.Mysore Masala Dosa:

Mysore masala is one of the popular dish of Karnataka, this Dosa is stuffed with potato curry stuffing and butter, served with coconut chutney

3.Mysore Pak:

Popular sweet dish of Mysore, was discovered in Mysore Palace and became royal sweet ,this sweet is made up of gram flour, ghee, sugar

4.Tanga Ride/Horsecart Ride:

Tanga ride is one of the must to do things in Maisur ,Lots of tangas are available at Mysore Palace and affordable, Tanga ride takes us through  all 4 gates of Palace and also makes us feel royal experience and makes us remember.

Things to Buy In Mysore,

In return to your trip from Mysore you can collect these things as a memorabilia, and also  which can be perfect gifts for your loved ones

1.Sandalwood Products:

Sandalwood products like sandalwood sticks, powder, essence sticks, soap, perfumes are the things that can be purchased in Mysore trip, we can get this products in Palace or there are many shops nearby

2.Mysore Silk Sarees:

When it comes to sarees, every woman is crazy and here comes the Mysore silk sarees famous in Mysore. Cauvery Emporium is the place where you can get these silk sarees, and also available in local shops.

3.Mysore Paintings:

Paintings are famous here in Mysore and none other best place for art and painting lovers

4.Channapatna wooden toys:

Toys made of soft wood and non toxic colours, these toys can add beauty to your home décor and best gift for the kids. Channapatna is also called as “Land of Toys”

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