Trimbakeshwar………..The Holy Land

Trimbakeshwar also called Trimbak, is land of deities Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva ,( creator ,survivor and destroyer) so it is known as Trimbak(three) and Eshwar (god).This place is sacred holy place for Hindu pilgrims as one of the 12 Jyotirlings  is located here in Trimbak and it is different and special than other jyotirlinga as its three  faces Brahma ,Vishnu,Rudra.Kumbh mela is held every 12 yrs.

Temple was built by Nana Saheb Peshwa in 18th century on the foothills of Bhramagiri hills, Also the origin of River Godavari is on Brahmagiri hills and flows till Rajahmundry and meet the sea. Also, Trimbakeshwar in Maharashtra, is witness for spiritual history of Gautam Rushi.

How to Reach Trimbakeshwar ?

By Air:

Trimbakeshwar is easily accessible from Nashik Airport Ozhar, just 40km away. There are daily flights connecting to Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore. One can hire a cab or take a bus from Nashik Airport Ozhar to Trimbakeshwar.

Also Shirdi Airport is 100km Mumbai Airport is just 180km from Trimbak. Nashik Airport is the nearest one.

By Rail:

Nearest railway station is Nasik Road Station, just 35km from Trimbakeshwar. From station there are many buses to Nashik bus stand and from bus stand you will get buses frequently to Trimbak, or you can hire a cab or auto which costs 600rs for drop.

By Road:

Trimbak is well connected by State buses from Nashik, Shirdi, Nagar, Pune Mumbai….From nashik bus fare is just 50 Rs per person. It takes just 40min time to reach Trimbak from Nashik.

You can hire a cab or drive by your own, you will definitely enjoy the drive as it is the highway connecting.

Places to Visit:

1.Kushavartha Kunda:

Just 5 min walkable distance from main temple. This is the sacred holy water body just in the foothills of Brahmagiri hills where Godavari is visible after Gangadwar. People bath in this kunda and get rid of all sins.

Mythologically,Goutam Rishi was very powerful that he used to sow the crop in the morning and reap the crop in the afternoon and feed the Rishis visiting the ashram, once he saw cow grazing there and threw “darbha” and cow was killed,  it is said that to get rid of “Gowhatya ”(sin of killing Cow)  Gautam Rishi praised lord Shiva and Shiva gave him Ganges, but Ganga was not ready to part from Shiva so angerly lord Shiva performed tandav and thrashed his Jata on Brahmagiri then  Ganga released from there and started flowing but soon disappeared ,then Gowtam rishi  praised her with enchanted grass, as then the flow stopped and the place is called Kushavartha Kunda where Gowtam rishi took a bath aand got rid out of Gowhatya Sin.

2.Trimbakeshwar Temple:

The temple is just 5min away from bus stand .Trimbakeshwar is one of the 12 jyotirling temples in India. In the gabhagraha three deities Brahma_ creator ,Vishnu_ Survivor,Rudra_destroyer appears in combined from in the Linga, this make this jyotirlinga extra special then other lings. Godavari disappeared after Kushavartha kund and appears in temple performing 24 hrs abhishek to Trimbakraj.

The temple was built by Nanasaheb peshwa in 18th century. Temple is made of Hemadpanthi that is architecture style in Maharastra .

Visit temple in the early  morning 6.00am  ,to avoid long queues you can also have special darshanof 200rs per person.


After origin of Godavari at Brahmagiri,Godavari disappears in the mountains and get visible here at Gangadwar. You can also visit Ahilya Gufa where 108 shivalingas are placed, Nivrithi nath Gufa

4.Brahmagiri Hills:

This is the origin place of Godavari and also the place where Shiva thrashed his Jata.

Apart from this Bhramagiri is one of the popular hills of Sahayadri Ranges. You have to climb 1500 steps and 2 km of breathtaking trek to reach here ,but once you reach  at the top the scenic view is amazing. It takes almost 2.5hrs to reach and the same to return, you should always keep a stick to support yourself and also from monkeys.

Please try lemonade while climbing as it is delicious anfd also gives instant energy.

If you are mountain and nature lover, it would be wonderful experience.

5.Anjaneri Fort:

Anjaneri  Fort is the birth place of Hanuman. The fort is bit away from main road (Anjaneri Phata)and you have to trek about 4 hrs  to reach there

6.Godavari Ahilya Sangam:

This is the place where two rivers Godavari and Ahilya meets each other .Place is just located behind the temple just 2 min walk from east gate of temple.

7.Nila Hills:

This is the hill top near Trimbak where Bilwa tirtha is located, also the swayambhu Neelamba temple is located.

8.Shri Gajanan Maharaj Temple:

This the same temple as in the Shegaon,located just 5km away from bus stand.

Things to do in Trimbak:

Due to Jyotirlinga & Origin of Godavari, this place is considered as sacered place for Hindu pilgrims. It is considered ideal place for Shradha(ritual to give moksh to ancestors ) .So praaycshitha ,dasha daan,trapan shradha,tripindi,tirtha shradha,and mundan is performed here.

Some other Rituals are performed majorly are Narayan Naagbali, Tripindi ,Kaalsarp Dosha in Trimbak.

1.Narayan Naagbali:

Narayan Naag Bali is the unique ritual only performed in Trimbakeshwar ,people throughout India comes here to perform this ritual and requires muhurth dates. This is the ritual performed for 3 days ,and is done for well-being of family, having pitrudosh, marriage hurdles, for childless couples .You need to be there by the day before the puja start and on  3rd day you will be free by 12 .00pm.

Please perform puja from authorized pandits having brahmins purohits Sangh logo on their websites, visiting cards. This rituals is performed on Godavari Ahilya Sangam and  not in temple.

This puja consists of 2 different pooja one Narayan Bali i.e to  fulfil desires of Ancestors of sudden death ,Naagbali  to get rid from sin of killing Snake.

2.Tripindi Shradha:

This is the ritual performed if after the death of any family member ,3 years shraddha is not performed(death anniversary), one can perform tripindi, it is 3 hrs ritual.

3.Kaalsarpa Dosh Nivaran:

This pooja is performed if all stars in your astrology chart are in between Rahu and Ketu.

This ritual takes 3 hrs to complete.

Best time to Visit:

Monsoon & Winters are preferably good to visit, as you can see scenic beauty of Nature in monsoon with lush greenery and many small waterfalls.

June to October and October to March is best time to visit. Summer is hot here.

Duration to Visit:

2 days with planned itinerary  is perfectly ok to visit Trimbak. If you are performing Narayan Nagbali Puja then you have to plan for 4 days of stay and one day before the pooja,as during  2 days of pooja you cannot visit any temples nearby.

Nearby Places :


Some other spiritual places in India are Rameshwaram,Madurai,Varanasi,…….

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