Trip to Tuljapur………..Ude g Ambe Ude

Tuljapur Ude g Ambe Ude this slogan give lots of positive energy.

Tuljapur is the holy place for Hindu pilgrims specially kuldevi for many Maharashtrians. Tuljabhavani ,goddess Parvati idol is in the Temple, with Kallol tirth and gomukh tirth at the Entrance Mahadwar.

Since our childhood we visit Tujapur atleast once in a year ,so we lots of memories here.Tuljapur is one of the three and half Shakti Peethas of goddess Durga. It is located 40 km from Solapur(Maharastra). Temple is ancient and always mentioned in the stories of Shivaji Maharaj and his faith in Tuljabhavani. Tuljabhavani is State godess of Maharastra. Hindu pilgrims from different states comes here to perform puja also known as Kuldaiwat/Kuladharm for many people, there is ritual for newly weds to seek blessings and perform Gondhal in temple premises .Early morning puja starts with Abhishek ,alankar . 9 days fair is held during Navratri. Godess is also known as Ambabai. Also try Kandi pede sweets and famous green bangles as Tuljabhavani prasad.

This year we visited Tuljapur in May, and to avoid crowd we reached here at 4 am ,but there was crowd, and almost it took us 3 hrs to take darshan.

How to Reach?

By Air :

Nearest airport is Solapur 40 km, one can hire a cab or take bus from Solapur.

By Rail:

Nearest Railway station is Osmanabad and Solapur,and Tuljapur is easily accessible from these towns

By Road:

Tuljapur is well connected with NH,300km from Hyderabad ,285km from Pune ,400km from Mumbai.

Best 4 Places to Visit in Tuljapur:

1.Tuljapur Ambabai Temple:

This temple is of godess Durga,with Mahadwar entrance.Tuljabhavani is the Kuldevi of almost many families in Maharastra. Everyone ha one question nowadays is Tuljapur temple open or closed today,the answer is yes it is open and also Tuljapur bhavani online Darshan tickets are available online and offline too.

Bhogi is one of the ritual performed by the families whose kuldevi is Tuljabhavani.

2.Kallol Tirth:

This is the tirth where it is believed that taking bath here is holy bath where devotees get rid of there sins

3.Gomukha Tirth:

Thisis the tirth where water is pouring from Cow’s mouth like sculpture ,taking bath or jus some water from goumukh one can get rid of sins

4.Ghat Shila:

It is the place dedicated to Lord Rama ,it is said that lord Rama passed through these rocks while searching Sita Maa.

Duration To Stay:

Duration of 1-2 day is ok to stay in Tuljapur.

Best time to visit:

September to March is good time to visit Tuljapur.But people visit here throughout the year. Except post Dusshera as it is said that Goddess takes rest after Navratri.

Things to Do:

1.Try kandi Peda

2.Purchase green bangles

3.Try wadapav,missal,pohe .

Tuljapur Ude g Ambe Ude

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